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SCARF explains Workplace interactions




Helping you understand what might be occurring for you in your workplace interactions. If you haven’t already done so, I thoroughly recommend you complete the online SCARF assessment. This will help you identify your drivers of behaviour in terms of threat and reward.

Creating such insights into what motivates your behaviour allows you to take control in situations where you find your buttons being pressed. By understanding what is occurring for you in the moment, you have the opportunity to influence the outcome to a better one. One that serves you and others better.

Oh yeah, and Vitamin B also helps.


LGMA Conference: Aspiring leaders and mentors

At the LGMA Conference: Aspiring leaders and mentors, I was honoured with the opportunity to present a keynote on Neuroleadership, a brain based approach to leadership. For one hour I shared my knowledge and experience with delegates from across our huge state on how they can maximise the use of their enormous brains to be better leaders. Our brains have 86 Billion neurons with billions more connections. As we learn more about our huge brains we are discovering ways to make everything we do better. That’s why at Beyond IQ we get the following kind of feedback:

“Since I have been working in local government I have been sent on many courses on various subjects and a variety of instructors, But I have never enjoyed and gotten so much out of a course than I did out of this one. Allan the presenter is the best that I have ever had. He got everyone involved and at the end of the two days everyone was like best friends which has never happened on any other course. The time went so fast, there was never a boring moment. Once again I can’t speak more highly about Allan’s presentation, excellent.”

John Brough

City of Swan

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