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Do your staff trust you?

Do your staff trust you? Probably the single most important question you can ask yourself as a leader in any organisation. Trust is a complex thing that has many different levels to it. You trust your loved ones in a particular way, you trust strangers in a particular way, and you trust your work colleagues in a particular way.

In workshops when we discuss trust, we ask the following question, “Would you invite them into your home?”. Our home is our sanctuary to a large degree and we do not necessarily invite anyone into it. All we possess is in our homes and the thought of inviting someone in that could thieve any of what we have is repulsive to us. It is to be betrayed when our trust is broken and so with that in mind we are very particular with whom we invite into our homes.

So, do your staff trust you?

The simple answer to this is, “No, they do not!”

In fact, when people were asked at random on the streets of major capital cities, “Who would you trust more, your manager or a stranger?” 76% of respondents said they would trust the stranger more.

Building trust between staff and their managers is a complex issue that requires an enormous amount of work, by both parties. It can be done though and the 24% that would trust their manager more than the stranger obviously have managers that work at building the trust between themselves and their staff.

The benefits of a trusting relationship do not need to be stated. The question though is what do you do to build trust with your staff and with your manager?


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