About Us

lightbulb imageAt Beyond IQ we are passionate about communication. Why? Because communication is central to nearly every aspect of human life. But did you ever notice that you seem to have the same conversations over and over again, and you get the same results in your life, over and over again? Sometimes our old ways of communicating just don’t bring us the things we want from life.

We create new ways of thinking to facilitate new ways of behaving! We achieve this by bringing mindfulness and compassion (Beyond IQ) to workplaces and personal lives through the delivery of experiential based presentations and workshops.

At the core of all Beyond IQ courses is the fundamental concept that communication begins in your own mind. The latest research in neuroscience has shown that the brain has a remarkable ability to adapt and change, according to our experiences, even well into our later years. At Beyond IQ we combine the latest in neuroscience research with techniques in mindful compassion. This way, your Beyond IQ experience is grounded in scientific evidence and because of the experiential mode of delivery, results in a deep level of understanding.

This is a unique combination that results in participants being challenged on many levels in our presentations. By adopting the simple principles discovered in their Beyond IQ experience, participants realise far reaching benefits to their lives, the lives of their loved ones and in their workplaces.


Did your mum ever say, ‘Self-praise is no praise at all’? Yeah ours too. Please read what others have had to say from their Beyond IQ experience on our testimonial page. Then call us to book your Beyond IQ experience!