Allan Adams

Allan Adams

Company and Director in the spot light

Founder and Director of Beyond IQ, Allan Adams created a company that focuses on and has consistently delivered behavioural change solutions for workplaces. He created his first communication program in 2006 that was successfully delivered through the University of Western Australia Extension division for two years as part of their customised business program. Since then, Beyond IQ has been engaged to develop and deliver customised programs that deliver results around team building, conflict resolution, relationship management and of course communication for various workplaces in Western Australia.

Having always taken a keen interest in human behaviour, Allan entered the professional workforce as a child maltreatment investigator and describes this role as “one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever done”. Allan left this role after serious death threats against his young family. He eventually found himself investigating breeches of workplace law and preparing matters for prosecution. It was in this arena that he discovered his ability to resolve conflicts and mediate successful outcomes for all parties involved in those investigations. He had a non-compete closure rate of 98% and is the only investigator to receive a Ministerial Letter of Congratulations and Thanks, from the then Western Australia Minister for Labour Relations, Hon John Kobelke. When asked why he was so successful in this role, he said “I can honestly say that there was not a single investigation that I conducted that did not have an element of miscommunication or sense of betrayal. I focussed upon resolving these two elements before resolving the breech of law”.

Combining his knowledge of employment law, human behaviour and communication, Allan turned his hand to Human Resource Management. In this role he was called upon to find solutions to complex human relationship problems that workplaces always develop. As a trusted confidant to CEOs and Directors, he acted as their coach to some difficult and complex conversations and provided practical solutions that delivered the outcomes these CEOs and Directors were looking for. In most cases the results were: improved productivity; and better use of staff time.

Allan believes that it is the quality of relationships that determines a person’s level of personal and professional success in life. He fostered a relationship with his largest client, Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA), for two years before being engaged by them. Beyond IQ is today a trusted preferred supplier of WALGA for facilitation and training. “I saw the potential for a mutually beneficial outcome from my relationship with WALGA. I was also aware that they only engage the best people in the field. For the past three years WALGA and Beyond IQ have enjoyed a very special relationship that has seen both our businesses grow.”

Allan started Beyond IQ without any financial backing and no money in the bank. It truly is the manifestation of an idea into reality. When asked why he thinks Beyond IQ has been successful he says,

“It is only when people focus on doing for others that they themselves benefit in the long run. When Beyond IQ is engaged by a company to provide a solution to a problem, we focus solely on the client’s need and do everything we can to deliver the results we promised. We listen very carefully to what the client is saying and then we develop a truly customised solution for their problem. In a service business such as ours, all you essentially are selling to your clients is a promise; a promise that you will deliver what you said you would. We take our promises very seriously.”

The combination of elements that created and continue to support Beyond IQ into the future, such as the neuroscience approach to all its behavioural change programs,  places it as a unique provider of bespoke problem-solving solutions for workplaces.

 I welcome you to get in touch with us here at Beyond IQ and bring a new way of thinking to your staff, workplace and life.

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