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Call to action

Everyday we receive a ‘call to action’ from somebody out there on the world wide web, on the street, in the media and of course on social media platforms. ‘Mum says if I get 100,000 ‘Likes’ I’ll get a new puppy’.

I was asked last night after a reader received my blog post, “Where’s your call to action?”

Seriously folks, can’t we just chat? Can’t we just start a conversation that has people start to think, talk and share their views without broadcasting ‘Hey you out there I’d like you to respond to this blog after reading it.’ I mean, the invitation is already there for you to respond as I put my thoughts out there in the most public place on the planet.

Does everything really have to have a marketing edge? If it does then I fear we have reduced ourselves and our species to nothing more than a bunch of self absorbed sales people that believe we have the answer for everything and everyone.

I have no answers, only questions and if in the sharing of our thoughts we solve a few problems or come closer to solving some then it was a great conversation to have.

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I’ll change when they do

I’ll change when they do!

People often say this to me during a workplace facilitation to address behavioural issues. I’m sorry, that’s not how life works.

What does happen though, is that when we change the way we think about something or someone, the something or someone changes in response.

Don’t wait for the world to change to suit your perspective, because the perspective that the world presents to you is purely from where you are standing and viewing the world. It’s your perspective! If you want a better view on the world go stand somewhere else and look at it differently.

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The fear of looking stupid

“The fear of looking stupid in the office means that I always want to be really well prepared with the ability to preempt anything that comes up before I go in and talk to anybody, it also means I’ll spend way more longer than necessary editing things like emails so I don’t sound stupid, and the biggest one, I’d rather look stupid by not saying anything at all than saying something that would sound stupid.” The result, I don’t talk to anyone in the office. I just email them instead.