A Testimonial Case Study

The Format

The session was an all day event that Allan agreed to facilitate to combat some of the remaining issues regarding interpersonal relations that exist inside the VSO Team.

Immediate impacts

I have had nothing but positive feedback from the team about this session. I would also like to add that I did not have to go out and survey the team to get this information – they have been showing up in my office with big smiles wanting to share their positive feelings.

It’s not easy but it’s worth it

Whilst they all said it was hard emotionally they all agreed that it was the most worthwhile session they have done in regard to –

  • understanding and tolerating each other and their differences whilst in the workplace
  • using different communication styles to achieve a desired outcome.

More simply the way the team speak to each other – not the message but the tone, attitude and words used to speak to each other.

The changes are visible

The team are saying that you can really tell who was at the session and who wasn’t, just by the way they are talking to each other and treating each other now. People are being far more respectful, courteous and understanding of each other. VSO who have traditionally avoided each other are no longer avoiding each other. VSO who have always spoken before they think have actually started to think about how they may come across before opening their mouths. Those on the team who were unable to attend are feeling a bit left out and wishing they had attended. This is also the first time that we have had a session and people didn’t come out saying what a waste of time it was. Allan really managed to reach the team and get the message through to them.

It reaches every part of your life

One of my team came and said that he has been having issues at home with his wife and step daughter and that some of the things he picked up at the session he utilized at home that night and it has made his home life relationships much better and reduced his personal stress levels. He has also decided to change the way he talks to his co workers and is feeling far happier at work. Staffs from other departments have also noticed his change in attitude.

It helps to resolve long standing conflicts

Two of the team who have in the past requested to be rostered separately from each other sat next to each other on a ticketing shift for an entire eight hours and got along like a house on fire. Funnily enough they always used to get along but their relations had gone by the wayside, and they have rediscovered that they actually do like each other after all. Both of these VSO have come to tell me this story they are so pleased. Another two staff who at one stage had a RTW against each other actually sat down in the tearoom and shared photos of their kids weddings on their tea break. In the past they would not be in the same room as each other.

There simply isn’t anything like it out there

Another person said it was the best session of any kind that they have ever attended, and that this is due to Allan’s amazing communication skills. This person doubts that anyone else would have been able to get through to people. They kept repeating statements like – Allan is such an effective communicator. He’s really, really good at communicating. They went on to add that they believe that every employee of the Museum should attend a session like this with Allan. They reiterated that it needs to be with Allan, because he is what made the session work.

People ask for more

One VSO came to see me and requested a refresher session each year, as they got so much out of it.


Having Allan visit our site once per week so that he can be face to face has made such a difference to the team and in fact the entire site. His visits are invaluable and the rapport he has built with a few tricky members of the team has had an incredible impact on the team and the individual VSO’s that he has spent time with.

A positive impact

I and the VSO team cannot thank Allan enough for his support and assistance in combating the remaining few issues here at Fremantle, and wanted to let you know what an amazingly positive impact he has had on the team.

Jo Martin

Visitor Services Manager Western Australian Museum, Fremantle Sites