Back on board, with twins!

Hi folks, Beyond IQ is open for business again…well we weren’t actually closed. We were on holidays for 6 weeks, welcoming and adjusting our lifestyle to the arrival of our beautiful twins, Abigail and Samuel. They’re a handful and yes a blessing as well.

Now that we are back in the office, a little blurry eyed, we will be back into the blogging, the ezine articles and updates of what Beyond IQ has been up to.

Well, I guess the first update is that we have been making babies, and true to form, Beyond IQ has gone the extra mile and produced TWO for the price of one! Now that’s what we call service.


A new way of thinking about communication

I am writing a series of articles on ezine.com about how I see communication in our lives. It is my take on this much written and I believe much misunderstood topic. Therefore, I am putting my thoughts out there for you all to read. It is my hope that it will spark a new way of thinking about this core trait of being human. Read the article here


Why workplace investigations don’t resolve conflict

Through much encouragement from my peers and those that have seen my work, I have decided to take my message to ezine as well. I just published my first article…it’s entitled “Why workplace investigations don’t resolve conflict” and you can read it here. You can let me know what you think and look out for more articles from Beyond IQ

Read it to find out what you can do to resolve workplace conflict instead of just undertaking ‘tick box’ investigations.