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Becoming the expert

Becoming the expert is something that I have been told to do over and over again in business. I have been told that to stand out from the rest of the competition I HAVE TO become the expert in my field. Its the experts that get the work, that get known, that are thought of all the time and will always be front of mind in the customers thoughts and conversations.

Wow! Imagine that. To succeed in business you have to become the expert. How many others are becoming the expert? I bet that every single business owner out there in my field is doing everything they can to become the expert. Which means that they are all doing what the other person/business is doing. Which means they don’t really stand out at all and just become part of the crowd trying to shout above everyone else, “Look at me, look at me!”

Perhaps if we all stop trying to out do each other and simply focus on always doing our absolute best for our customers, constantly improve on our knowledge and gain experiences that stretch us emotionally and intellectually, we can all feed our families tonight, provide a safe place for them to rest their heads and leave our customers feeling that they are the most important customer we have. Perhaps if we just focus on making a difference with the lives we have and the limited time we have we might just leave the world a little better off for us having been here.

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Young women in the workplace

Young women in the workplace invariably get asked to do one of the most challenging and therefore most emotionally demanding jobs for their organisation, front-line customer service. Young men too, yes, although the majority of front-line customer service staff across ANY industry is women.

Why is this? I fail to understand the logic behind this other than it being a throw back to our paternalistic past when young women were thought of not having what it takes to be behind the scene doing the ‘real’ work of running the organisation and simply being a pretty face to welcome the customer.

I was shocked to hear today that two young women in my training had attended customer service training a few years ago (with another company obviously) and they were taught that the best thing they could say to an upset customer is, “I’m sorry for the way you feel but…” Why the hell should they apologise for the way someone else feels?!

I have been delivering customer service training for 4yrs and the demographic in the training room hasn’t changed. I suspect that in 4yrs time it will be the same. Well, I guess they are at least getting the training to deal with what seems to be an ever increasing hostile customer base full of entitled people.

If you have a young daughter, please please please, start training her now to stop apologising for the way other people feel. It simply isn’t her responsibility and apologising for someone else’s feelings sets her up to be submissive to everyone else she comes across.

How many of your staff are being submissive to your customers? Submission is not the basis for a relationship of any kind, especially in business.

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Get your brain into gear

“Get your brain into gear” is something we never really think about but we are told to do a lot, usually as a form of point down.

I discovered years ago that getting my brain into gear was the only way that I could get the outcomes that I wanted. So what does it mean to get your brain into gear.

Well, it could be taken that for the most part we operate on automatic (reacting to our environment on automatic without thinking and this usually is an amygdala response to life); the gear its in predominantly is reverse so we keep getting the same results (this is called living in the past); or it could mean get it in first gear (living into a future that you create).

We all use our brains in different gears and yes we sometimes shift between any and all of the above. I make a conscious effort to use first gear and create the tomorrow I want today. I ask participants in workshops to create the reality of tomorrow TODAY and report to me via email how their tomorrow plays out. For the very large majority they report that to their surprise the day played out just like they planned.

Create your tomorrow TODAY at the end of each day and see what happens tomorrow. Then write to me and tell me how your day played out. “My tomorrow is going to be…” I really look forward to your responses.

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