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How the Fair Work Act created a nation of victims

The Fair Work Act is destroying the working life-blood of this nation and no-one can stop it! Worst still is that no-one is even saying that it is. They’re all just going about business as usual ignoring the devastation and ‘working with it’. Even the Liberals aren’t talking against it because they’re too scared of not winning at the next election. Not only is this piece of legislation creating victims out of workers and employers, it has also created victims out of our politicians. They are so scared of loosing the next election that Australia, the Nation, is going to ultimately loose and fall victim to the Fair Work Act.


Back on board, with twins!

Hi folks, Beyond IQ is open for business again…well we weren’t actually closed. We were on holidays for 6 weeks, welcoming and adjusting our lifestyle to the arrival of our beautiful twins, Abigail and Samuel. They’re a handful and yes a blessing as well.

Now that we are back in the office, a little blurry eyed, we will be back into the blogging, the ezine articles and updates of what Beyond IQ has been up to.

Well, I guess the first update is that we have been making babies, and true to form, Beyond IQ has gone the extra mile and produced TWO for the price of one! Now that’s what we call service.


Suicide…it takes courage to ask for help

Today Beyond IQ helped save a 15 yr old boys life. Together with his school principal we created an environment in which he felt safe enough to break his silence. To hear him say the words, “I want to die” and to see him have the courage to speak these words to his mum, was truly a moving experience. There were tears all round as the impact of his words landed on our hearts.