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How the Fair Work Act created a nation of victims

The Fair Work Act is destroying the working life-blood of this nation and no-one can stop it! Worst still is that no-one is even saying that it is. They’re all just going about business as usual ignoring the devastation and ‘working with it’. Even the Liberals aren’t talking against it because they’re too scared of not winning at the next election. Not only is this piece of legislation creating victims out of workers and employers, it has also created victims out of our politicians. They are so scared of loosing the next election that Australia, the Nation, is going to ultimately loose and fall victim to the Fair Work Act.


Why is mental health such an important issue in the workplace today?

Firstly, psychological problems are estimated to affect 45% of people at some stage in their life, and as many as 20% of the population in any given year.  And secondly, don’t most of us spend around half of our waking hours at work? Mental illness doesn’t discriminate on the basis of employment status; we bring our mental health problems to work just as we bring our physical health problems to work.  More importantly for this discussion, the number of people experiencing mental disorders as a result of their work environment is on the rise.


Personal stress and the workplace

It might come as a surprise that for some people work is a refuge from the worries, stresses and conflicts of their personal lives. And trust me there are a huge number of ‘refugees’ at work on any given day of the week. This is no new phenomenon and for some of you it might even ring true on a personal level. So what’s the big deal if this is nothing new? It becomes a big deal, a huge concern even, when work is no longer a refuge and becomes a part of the problem for the ‘refugee’.