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Suicide…it takes courage to ask for help

Today Beyond IQ helped save a 15 yr old boys life. Together with his school principal we created an environment in which he felt safe enough to break his silence. To hear him say the words, “I want to die” and to see him have the courage to speak these words to his mum, was truly a moving experience. There were tears all round as the impact of his words landed on our hearts.


Why is mental health such an important issue in the workplace today?

Firstly, psychological problems are estimated to affect 45% of people at some stage in their life, and as many as 20% of the population in any given year.  And secondly, don’t most of us spend around half of our waking hours at work? Mental illness doesn’t discriminate on the basis of employment status; we bring our mental health problems to work just as we bring our physical health problems to work.  More importantly for this discussion, the number of people experiencing mental disorders as a result of their work environment is on the rise.


Winging it on Hope

Being a farmer isn’t easy…after all, living and working on the land to feed millions, feed your family, feed yourself, feed the livestock, pay the bank loans, pay the taxes, maintain the machinery, deal with complex family and relationship dynamics, deal with the drought, deal with the floods, buy the fertiliser, buy the seed, put it all into the ground, HOPE that it rains but not too much, rain at the right times and then not again until the grain is harvested, is a very hard way to make a living. Some farmers are possibly the greatest example of ‘hopeful people’ the world has ever known. What about the rest of us though? I like to think that we are all farmers! We are all living on HOPE, fortunately there is an endless supply of it.