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3 tips for conducting successful job interviews

Job interview young woman with business teamAs a result of the Fair Work Act, I often get business owners asking me for help with conducting successful job interviews. Employers are fearful of having “Adverse action” claims brought against them even out of conducting a successful and necessary step in the assessment of a candidate, a simple job interview. It’s madness. It can cost the salary of the position just to get someone in the seat and then you might have to defend yourself against the disgruntled person that didn’t get the job! And they wonder why they didn’t get the job. Hmmm. So I put together my 3 simple tips that I hope you will share with your business friends


5 tips for getting to know your boss; and your staff

business peoplePeople under-estimate the importance of getting to know their boss and a lot of the time even when they want to, they don’t know how to get close enough to get to know them. In fact, a lot of the time people are afraid to get too close because of fear of sexual harassment and this goes both ways. The end result, workplaces where no-one knows each other and are living in fear of human interaction.


I hate my boss! 6 must ask ‘promotion questions’

Before promoting anyone ask them the ‘6 promotion questions’. Failing to do this, history shows, will  cost your organisation more than you can imagine. Inspired by recent real-life events, this post highlights the single biggest reason why businesses are losing money and great staff everyday.