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Frontline Business Management

Six units of Frontline Business Management successfully delivered again with practical useable outcomes achieved for all participants around our favourite topics of preventing bullying in the workplace; communication skills; team building; change management; conflict resolution; performance management; strategic planning; project planning and operational plans.

Thank you Challenger Institute for your ongoing trust in Beyond IQ to deliver outstanding outcomes for your valued clients. It has been over two years of continued trust and delivery.

The feedback today from participants blew me away and left me humbled. Thank you for your contribution to me Kane, Brett, Ben, Matt, Sue, Mel, Darren, Sarah, Darren, Edi, Simon, Andrew, Brad, Mark, Adam and Ryan from Dept of Fisheries. You were a fantastic bunch and I will miss you all. Best of luck with your future endeavours.


10 Easy steps to staff retention

staff retentionWe all know, or at least should know by now after all the evidence that is available, that people leave their workplace because of the people they work with, not because of the money. The money is the incentive to leave when you really just can’t take that damn person anymore. Less focus has been placed on why people STAY in their workplaces and here I offer some advice on how to seriously keep your good staff, because let’s face it, the good ones leave not the other type.