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Don’t reward staff…it doesn’t work and science proves it

We believe that if we pay our staff more money they will perform better. A respected HR blog last week suggested that this is what is needed to get things going again. (I couldn’t believe what I was reading). So we design performance reward systems to entice staff to work harder. For some staff this works. For the overwhelming majority it doesn’t. And there is at least 40years of hard scientific evidence to prove this is not the way to get things going!


10 Easy steps to staff retention

staff retentionWe all know, or at least should know by now after all the evidence that is available, that people leave their workplace because of the people they work with, not because of the money. The money is the incentive to leave when you really just can’t take that damn person anymore. Less focus has been placed on why people STAY in their workplaces and here I offer some advice on how to seriously keep your good staff, because let’s face it, the good ones leave not the other type.