3 tips for conducting successful job interviews

Job interview young woman with business teamAs a result of the Fair Work Act, I often get business owners asking me for help with conducting successful job interviews. Employers are fearful of having “Adverse action” claims brought against them even out of conducting a successful and necessary step in the assessment of a candidate, a simple job interview. It’s madness. It can cost the salary of the position just to get someone in the seat and then you might have to defend yourself against the disgruntled person that didn’t get the job! And they wonder why they didn’t get the job. Hmmm. So I put together my 3 simple tips that I hope you will share with your business friendsThere are three very simple rules for conducting a job interview:

1. DO NOT ask anything or make references to do with age, sex, family responsibilities, ethnicity, culture, health (unless it relates specifically to the inherent duties of the role), or memberships to organisations such as Trade Unions. If the candidate offers any information in regards to any of these ‘topics’, MAKE SURE that you inform them immediately that it is not relevant to the role and DOCUMENT that you have done this.

2. ASK ONLY questions that are relevant to the role and provide you insight into how a person might solve problems or deal with issues that you think might arise in the role. These are known as behavioural questions.

3. MAKE SURE that the same people conduct ALL the interviews and that they have the Job Description and the SAME questions in front of them. Each candidate MUST be treated the same and this ensures that this will happen.

One last thing, interviewers sometimes try to make the candidate feel comfortable by engaging in pleasantries prior to the interview, you know the questions; ‘How’s your day been?’, ‘Have you got plans for the weekend?’, ‘Did you see the Eagles game on the weekend?’. DO NOT do this! It is a job interview and everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

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