5 tips for getting to know your boss; and your staff

business peoplePeople under-estimate the importance of getting to know their boss and a lot of the time even when they want to, they don’t know how to get close enough to get to know them. In fact, a lot of the time people are afraid to get too close because of fear of sexual harassment and this goes both ways. The end result, workplaces where no-one knows each other and are living in fear of human interaction.Here are my SAFE tips for getting to know your boss, or even your staff:

  1. Say “Hello” every morning to them with a sincere smile. Sincerity is in the eyes folks so please do not try to fake this. You know it when people are faking sincerity and they know when you are too
  2. Be nice – there are many ways to do this. My favourite way is to ask them what they like in life. People are experts on themselves and love to tell you stuff about themselves if they know you are interested in what they have to say
  3. Share some of your food with them. Now this is HUGE. In our psyche food is central to our survival. As a species we always come together around food, “Let’s break some bread”. Try bringing in a little extra every now and then
  4. Take time to listen to what they have to say even if its a complaint. Being heard is one our most crucial needs as humans and when we feel we have been heard, we take people who have heard us into our trust
  5. and last but by no means least
  6. Offer them a new way of doing something that they are stumped by. Its like the ‘Lion and the thorn’ parable. When you offer assistance even when you’re scared of getting your head bitten off, you might just win a powerful and influential friend for life.

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