The five lies your brain has been telling you

The five lies your brain has been telling you all your life. And we know because the most frustrating thing about brain science is the realisation that all my life I have been wrong!

Every decision I have ever made, will ever make, based upon my free will or otherwise, has been a lie based upon how I FEEL at the time, even the weather has effected my decision making.

Whatever I see is not real, merely an illusion constructed by my neural processes, based upon previous experiences, colours and what aught to be there!

My memories are almost completely false in their detail (try telling your partner that what they remember is wrong:-) ) and the reality is that my emotional state at the time of the experience determines the level to which I remember the detail.

My brain really cannot multi-task and can only really deal with one thing at a time (and its not because I am a man) it’s because I am human.

That everything in my world is false and my brain really is making shit up as it goes along because all it really cares about is keeping me safe, so it constructs a world for me that is safe and comfortable for me. All the time being ever vigilant for the stuff that shouldn’t be there, that could pose a threat to my life and keeps me on a level of alertness that will ultimately be my downfall. Oh the irony of my brain. Of your brain. Of all our brains.

Seven billion people, seven billion realities and seven billion perceptions of absolutely everything. If we have all been wrong then no one has been right and then what right do we have to judge anyone other than to keep us safe from harm. Watch the video below to further blow your mind.


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