Get your brain into gear

“Get your brain into gear” is something we never really think about but we are told to do a lot, usually as a form of point down.

I discovered years ago that getting my brain into gear was the only way that I could get the outcomes that I wanted. So what does it mean to get your brain into gear.

Well, it could be taken that for the most part we operate on automatic (reacting to our environment on automatic without thinking and this usually is an amygdala response to life); the gear its in predominantly is reverse so we keep getting the same results (this is called living in the past); or it could mean get it in first gear (living into a future that you create).

We all use our brains in different gears and yes we sometimes shift between any and all of the above. I make a conscious effort to use first gear and create the tomorrow I want today. I ask participants in workshops to create the reality of tomorrow TODAY and report to me via email how their tomorrow plays out. For the very large majority they report that to their surprise the day played out just like they planned.

Create your tomorrow TODAY at the end of each day and see what happens tomorrow. Then write to me and tell me how your day played out. “My tomorrow is going to be…” I really look forward to your responses.

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