Winging it on Hope

Being a farmer isn’t easy…after all, living and working on the land to feed millions, feed your family, feed yourself, feed the livestock, pay the bank loans, pay the taxes, maintain the machinery, deal with complex family and relationship dynamics, deal with the drought, deal with the floods, buy the fertiliser, buy the seed, put it all into the ground, HOPE that it rains but not too much, rain at the right times and then not again until the grain is harvested, is a very hard way to make a living. Some farmers are possibly the greatest example of ‘hopeful people’ the world has ever known. What about the rest of us though? I like to think that we are all farmers! We are all living on HOPE, fortunately there is an endless supply of it.

Working with people as I do as a coach, provides me with unique insights into what makes people tick. I get to see where people have been in their lives, what they have achieved (often from nothing), their dreams and ambitions and what stops them at times. Quite often I have to get my clients to see and accept all that they have achieved, overcome and helped change, before they can progress. I get my coachees to see how courageous they truly are and that they are capable of anything they set their mind and effort to.

I often have to start from this position because by far what stops people is the belief that they are ‘no good’. This goes for even those that are incredibly confident and self-assured of who they are and what they are capable of. We all have this little voice that at times says, “you’re kidding yourself”, “you’re not that good”, “you’re a fake”, “who do you think you are?”, “you can’t do that”.  This voice never really goes away, you just get to turn the volume down and sometimes ignore it for a while. I once heard a very intelligent and hugely successful man once say, “Whenever I stand up in front of my peers to give a talk, I hear this little voice say ‘ you’re a fake and you’re just winging it!’ and I just hope that the talk goes well”. Intelligence, knowledge and experience are no competition to self doubt and insecurity!

We’re all winging it and we wing it because we believe in hope. It doesn’t matter how successful or experienced you are in your chosen field, every decision you make has an element of ‘I hope this works’. We have to believe that things will get better, will work out right, will be alright, will be the right thing. We are all winging it and hope is the air we float on. You can’t see hope, you can’t touch it or smell it. It’s just there ready for you to use and gift to someone in need of it. Even with the best information available at the time, we are all winging it on hope and we are going to make mistakes.

In our complex lives of: feeding ourselves; feeding our families; feeding our pets; paying the bank loans; paying our taxes; maintaining our vehicles; dealing with family and relationship dynamics; dealing with climate change; thinking of the consequences of our actions; and hoping it rains but not too much, take a little bit of time to realise that everyone around you and you included is winging it, living in hope that things will work out right. This realisation should go someway to helping you to have a good day and hopefully have those around you have a good day too.

If you see someone today who needs a little bit of hope to stretch their wings, please give them some hope, even if its just a little to get off the ground.

I hope you have a great day!

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