Conversations for Change


This straight talking, no bull program has been employed by government departments, financial institutions, national retailers, care agencies and the academic community. Thought provoking in its delivery, the program combines the science and theory of communication and behaviour with practical reality to get participants to change the way they view and interact with their organisation. The end results are courageous and compassionate managers and leaders who can manage staff effectively with reduced conflict, make the tough decisions and get things done.


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Bullies are a workplace hazard


Increasingly courts are awarding costs to victims of workplace bullies. Unfortunately it’s the company that pays. Beyond IQ treats bullying for what it is, a workplace hazard. This approach allows us to demystify the behaviour, empower people to say ‘No’ early in the bullying experience and therefore save the company literally thousands of dollars in claims, lost time, formal investigations and low staff morale.


Bullies are a Workplace Hazard

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Conflict resolution solutions that works


To truly resolve conflict there has to be a sincere understanding between the parties plus a sincere apology. Formal investigations entrench conflicts as they don’t seek understanding, they seek to find who is at fault, a lose-lose equation. Having cut our teeth in the realm of conflict resolution since 1998, Beyond IQ knows what is needed for long lasting peace. Bring us to the table and we’ll bring you the peace you have been looking for at much less cost.


Conflict resolution that works

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Facilitation that gets you where you want to be


Facilitation that works like the power of Google maps to get you where you want to be. G Maps works because it gives you multiple views of your destination and also charts your course with options on how to get there. That’s how Beyond IQ facilitation works as well. We’ll help you define what your destination looks like based upon the information you give us; then we’ll work with you to build the road map on how to get there. Together we’ll find the way forward.Facilitation that gets you where you want to be

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Organisational Change

ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE | The Complete Workplace Program

This complete workplace program addresses all the issues that you will meet along your organisational change journey. In order to establish effective workplace change, the language of change must be established and a new conversation for how you want things to be must begin. The complete workplace program includes all the Beyond IQ workplace programs in greater depth over a twelve month period and is designed to establish the language and behaviour of change in cooperation with your leaders, managers and change management plan.Holistic organisational change  logo

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Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

Mental health issues in the workplace are major contributors to absenteeism, reduced productivity, high staff turnover and workers compensation claims. With one in five people suffering psychological problems, this course is a must for all organisations wanting to reduce the impact of mental illness in the workplace. This course will empower individuals to take action, empower managers to support employees with mental health issues, and empower organisations to create mentally healthy workplaces. Beyond IQ will transform the way your organisation approaches mental health in the workplace.



  • What is mental illness?
  • Prevalence, causes, and impacts of mental illness
  • What makes a mentally healthy workplace?
  • Harm minimization through effective communication strategies
  • De-stigmatising mental illness
  • Management of worker’s compensation claims
  • Exploring the neurobiology of change
  • Where and how to from here?


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